Charity Offer

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£1k for your charity

Life is good! But not for everyone.
We feel that working together with you we can help to make a difference to people around the world, by supporting whatever charity you support, and you get the hero status!

We will pay GBP£1000 to the charity of your choice when you hire a new contractor from us. For all subsequent contractors that you hire we will pay GBP£500.

The key points:

  • Offer is open to existing and new customers
  • Payment can be by way of:
    – straightforward donation to a charity you choose
    – sponsorship for a charity event such as run or cycle
  • Sponsorship can be for yourself or a friend/family member/colleague… anyone!
  • Payment can even be made in your name for someone else’s event ie; on their Just Giving page

The Small print

  • Agreed contract duration must be a minimum of 3 months.
  • Contract must be full-time (minimum 8 hours per day, 5 days per week or equivalent).
  • A minimum billing period of 25 full and approved days (or equivalent hours) must have been worked by the contractor within the first 6 weeks of the contract.
  • Payment will be made when the minimum billing period is completed
  • Registered charities only.
  • Payment will only be made to a charity by cheque, bank transfer or charitable giving-page.
  • Payment will not be made directly to an individual, non-charitable organisation or personal causes.
  • You must have hiring responsibility for your company to redeem this offer, or suitable authorisation.
  • Charities outside of the UK will be paid an equivalent amount in their local currency subject to exchange rate values on the day of payment/sponsorship.
  • Contract extensions do not count as subsequent hires.
  • Offer will become void if the contract is cancelled by either party in the first 6 weeks of the contract.