SAP Training

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Regardless of whether you cut your teeth on R/2 during the 80’s and 90’s, or are a newbie in today’s world of SAP R/3 or S4 HANA there will always be a need for training from learning the basics, to staying current with this constantly changing beast.

Arguably the best option for most is to attend official training courses at one of SAP’s numerous education centres around the world.

Since 2001 we have been the main supplier of instructors to many of these centres for the hundreds of courses they schedule each year. We work closely with SAP to help plan their schedule up to twelve months in advance, which enables them to book the very best trainers for their courses, and our support to them is constant throughout the year as new courses are added and customer-specific or bespoke training is requested.

Our army of extremely talented instructors and SAP gurus jet off across continents every week to keep the knowledge pool growing in the SAP world and to help SAP’s customers achieve their goals.

These same instructors are available to offer our own customers on-site workshops and any level of knowledge-transfer you require, from user or management training through to creation and delivery of technical or configuration courses.

Could you deliver training courses for SAP?

Being a great consultant doesn’t mean that you will naturally be a great trainer, but if you do have some experience as an SAP instructor within a classroom environment and feel that it is something you are good at and have a passion for, we would love to hear from you.

We can offer you the opportunity to deliver cutting edge courses based on your skill-set(s).

Some people are able to teach for us every week due to their wide range of SAP knowledge, and others just take occasional classes when courses relevant to them are scheduled. There is never any pressure to accept the courses we offer; some people deliver courses when they are between projects or have time on their hands and others rely on us as their main or only source of income, teaching all-year round.

Being an official instructor for SAP carries with it certain kudos and adds significant weight to your CV. Naturally you will remain up to date as the technology changes and the bonus is that you may never have to pay for training again, instead we will pay you!

It is not just freelancers who deliver courses for us… many of the people we use are employees of consulting companies. We work with many organisations in this way and find it mutually beneficial.

We don’t only deliver courses in English which means we are always interested in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese speakers too. Go to our contact page to get in touch.