“Fast and uncomplicated hiring process… nice people to work with.”

Contracting with us

We have listened to contractors a lot over the years so we know the gripes and groans that you have when working with some SAP recruitment companies.
We aim to please everyone we work with by always being contactable, giving feedback when we receive it, and most importantly paying your invoices on time.

Whether you are a seasoned contractor whom moving from project to project has become a way of life or are new to the contractor workforce, we can help you get your next role. From exotic locations around the world to a short commute from your home or even remote roles we will try our best to find you what you want.

A major part of our business in addition to supporting our client’s projects is training. We supply instructors to SAP Education Centres all over the world for official Academy level courses. If you feel that you have the skills to share your knowledge in this way visit our Training page to find out more about becoming a regular instructor for SAP.

We are always on call to offer help and advice on any of the below subjects:

• Writing a CV to target the contractor market
• Advice and feedback on your own CV
• Setting up and running your company
• Finding an umbrella company
• Working abroad
• Current market rates for your specialisation
• Remote working
• Life on the road

Keep us updated

It is important that we have a copy of your CV on file regardless of your current availability, so that we can find you by your skillset when we have a matching requirement. Your CV will remain confidential until the time you agree for us to put you forward to one of our customers.

Please update us every 6-12 months with any revised versions of your CV.

If you are looking for your next SAP contract please visit our contact page and get in touch.

Permanent roles

If it is permanent work you prefer and you are looking for your next role there is a good chance we can help.
Security, paid-holiday and benefits are just a few reasons why people feel more comfortable working as an employee. Some people prefer the lifestyle and travel that a consulting company offers them, whilst others prefer to stay with ‘end-user’ companies close to home.
We work with a multitude of clients across all industries and countries and there is a constant stream of requirements coming in from them for new employees for their SAP teams from juniors up to SAP Program Managers.

For further details on current SAP roles we are working on, or for help with interview preparation and structuring your CV please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.