What People Say

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We’re not superheroes, but we try our very best to make our customers happy. The following statements are the genuine feelings of the people we work with.

Business is not about easy wins, it’s about challenging projects where the success cannot be taken for granted from the beginning. Such projects give you the chance to excel through your devotion, passion and integrity. We share the same attitude as Mikado and that’s why we love working with them.

— IBSolution, Bulgaria

For many years Mikado has been a trusted and valuable Business Partner for SAP Nordic Education. They have always been able to find the right resources for our courses and be there for us when we need them.

— SAP Nordics Education

Having worked with the guys from Mikado for almost 20 years I wouldn’t go anywhere else as my first point of contact.

— TVP Consulting LLC, US

Fast and uncomplicated hiring process, nice people to work with.

— CK, SAP CRM Developer, Germany

For nearly a decade I have had the pleasure of working with Mikado. They exemplify professionalism and provide stellar service.

— JB, FI/BPC Education Consultant, US

Mikado is a most trusted partner and has helped immensely in getting right-fit consultants at short notice. I have observed a lot of dedication and commitment not only during the initial stages of the engagement but during the entire relationship.

— Consulting Company (confidential), Denmark

Mikado Resources are my favorite agent. They have a great pool of instructors who are all ready and willing to teach SAP courses. Their instructors are of great quality and they do not hesitate to invest time and efforts to deliver state-of-the-art courses. I know I can trust Mikado with all my requests and if they tell me they have someone to deliver my course, I know that the person will meet my quality requirements. Mikado and their trainers are always able to react very fast and to help us in all circumstances. They would also rather admit that they have no one available than send me someone of a lower standard. After so many years of collaboration, it is a pleasure for me to keep on contacting Mikado in order to book their people.

— SAP Belgium

We have worked with Mikado over 2 years to find right profiles abroad. Very good reactivity, customer follow up and very professional.

— Sariba AS, Norway

Mikado - Very professional, fast acting and always deliver on their promises.

— Framework Consulting, Denmark

Having worked with Mikado Resources for the last 10 years, I can highly recommend them not simply because they pay my invoices promptly, but just as importantly, they know and understand the SAP world, so I am always offered work opportunities relevant to my skill sets.

— PV, PP/APO Instructor, UK

We have had the pleasure of working with Mikado for more than 10 years. Mikado is our favorite agent for finding resources for our SAP courses; they always deliver high quality instructors and are very friendly, efficient and professional to work with.

— Bouvet ASA, Norway

In 2BM we have been working with Mikado Resources for more than a decade. The relation has always been based on mutual trust, where a verbal agreement is as good as a written one. We have never been disappointed!

— 2BM, Denmark

Having worked with the Mikado team over the past 8 years I can say they are a very professional team. The resources they put forward are always of a high calibre. They have also been there to support us in our “desperate times”, when at short notice we need a skilled resource. Guaranteed, the resource they put forward will be the best for the job! You will have a happy customer at the end.

— SAP Africa, South Africa